B-Girl Koko

Hey there!!!

This is Ricky Tim-Efobi. 3D Animation Artist and Founder of RcRonald Creations. This is my first blog post on the site.

I will be using this platform to showcase some of my workflows into the 3D animation production going on in my home studio.

I would like to start things off by talking about the animation project I am on at the moment called B-Girl Koko. B-Girl Koko is about a young girl and her little brother who both love break dancing. We don’t know too much about her background but we know she lives alone with her brother and she takes care of him.

Here are some shots of her, and a short animated video made of her breakdance routine.

Her brother’s 3D character deisgn is still in the works. I will be sharing updates on the character development and the short story I am planning out for both of them.

Let’s do this!!!